Matcha & Chai Seed Power Milk


Matcha power morning milk drink!

If you want something powerful to replace the morning coffee this it! 😊

Click on the image for more details of the matcha I have used, there are many brands.Check out the matcha stats below…an amazing nutritious drink to have first thing…
FINEST ORGANIC MATCHA GREEN TEA | Japanese matcha tea | Finest vibrant green powder | Super Premium Ceremonial Grade | Organic | Natural & Vegan | Tea Masters choice.

I started on 1/2 a tsp as I have not used it in a while and will work myself up to 1 heaped teaspoon, I would recommend starting small, maybe even 1/4 tsp as you don’t want to overdose on the detoxifying qualities of certain super foods.

So I blended 1/2tsp of matcha powder into a blender of almond milk and two tbsp of chia seeds…you can also just blend the matcha with the milk and skip the seeds but I needed a little extra energy in my morning drink and I was out of everything else.   You could also add a couple of extra dates for sweetness if you don’t like the strong green tea taste!

I swear I always feel a boost in my energy after a matcha drink, there’s something amazing about this super food and I hope to post a few more matcha recipes in the future.  Be careful to purchase a high quality blend though, you really do get what you pay for when it comes to match, Ive done a little research and the best one I have used was a ‘Tea pigs’ one and you can check it out by clicking the tea pigs image below for that but the one I have in the picture is by kineta, it’s the first time I’ve used this particular brand but I’ve felt the energy results from taking it.

Pomegranate Christmas dessert


Pomegranate and Banana Christmas pudding.

A quick pudding I put together for a Christmas meal.  The base is made of hazelnuts and coconut oil and the topping is quite simply pomegranates and bananas and a quick drizzle of agave syrup.

The ingredients are as follows:

2 x pomegranates

1 x banana

1 small bag of hazelnuts (about 100g)

coconut oil

Start by blending the hazelnuts into a fine powder in the blender (you will need a vitamix or equally powerful blender as the picture below).  Then add coconut oil in tbsp until you get a dough like consistency, adding in some agave to sweeten and help blend.  Use the vitamix plunger to get the mixture moving throughout the blender.  Remove the dough and press into the desired tin, top with the pomegranate seeds and the bananas and drizzle with the agave syrup.

You will only need small slices as it is very nutritious and very filling.  I like to drizzle some oat or soya cream over the top.  If your not sure where to purchase that check out Tesco or click the image below.

Hazelnut wheatgrass smoothie


Hazelnut and wheatgrass smoothie!  A quick warm winter smoothie before we head out for the day!  Wheatgrass has some amazing benefits and although I have a huge sack of wheatgrass seeds in the kitchen I haven’t successfully grown any yet so I use a powder in my smoothies for now.  The ingredients are below and if your not sure where to get the wheatgrass click on the image below.
I should add that you will need a powerful blender for this one like the vitamix to blend the nuts without destroying the motor, Love and peace ✌️

a handful of hazelnuts (use hazelnut milk if you don’t have a powerful blender)

1 heaped tbsp of wheatgrass

1/2 stick of cinnamon (optional but good for the winter)

2 bananas

water or coconut water to blend

Blend and serve, this makes enough for two! ❤️

Goji berry winter smoothie – youtube


A quick film in -9 conditions of me in my garden with my warm goji berry smoothie.  The ingredients for the smoothie are below the video.

Goji berry smoothie ingredients –

2 x bananas 🍌

1 tbsp of lucuma powder

1 tbsp of chia seeds

1 tbsp walnuts

1 Handful of goji berrys

orange juice/water or almond milk

Blend the lot together with the desired liquids and serve warm (to serve warm keep the blender running for 3-5mins on high, I use a vitamix, link below)

If you can’t find goji berries click on the image below to take you to amazon where you can buy them in bulk and not pay the high supermarket prices.

Below are some links to  the health benefits of some of the ingredients.

Three grain porridge with maple syrup


….and as you can see lots and lots of maple syrup!…a woman needs sugar sometimes! 😊  Super easy to make, it’s just porridge oats cooked with almond milk in the normal way with a little salt, I used pink Himalayan salt but sea salt is good!  Then I stir in a couple of tbsps of ground flaxseeds, chia seeds etc.  You can basically add whatever additional seeds or grains you fancy, I sometimes cook my porridge with half organic oats and half quinoa flakes…quinoa is a really good protein source and has a variety of other health benefits also see the link below for some further information.

If you can’t find quinoa in your local health shop check out this link to amazon where you can buy it in bulk easily saving money.

Morgan McVeighs – Thai veg soup


Lovely Thai veg soup at a local Scottish resturant and shop today on the A96 Aberdeen to Inverness road, great shop for Scottish gifts also.

Website is below –



Green Juice ingredients


A quick pic of all the ingredients I used for some green juice, there’s a whole bag of curly green kale, one whole cucumber, four whole apples, and not pictured were two packs of cranberries and a whole lemon.

Chop everything up and pop in the juicer and it makes five small glasses or a few large ones.

I use a juicer similar to the one in the picture, a cold press juicer so no nutrition is destroyed in the making.  Click the link to view this one and others similar.

Some ingredient information from online sources –

Kale –

Cranberries –

Lemons –

Cucumber –

First youtube video


Ok so I did my first ever you tube video today, I seriously had loads of fun creating it…its not very interesting, I was really just trying all of my equipment out which is pretty pants!

I need a new camera, microphone, new mac to cope with some new video editing software and some video ideas.  It was great fun though and I laughed so much making it and editing it…the video quality is pretty pants but I will work on that for the next time, also my nail polish is super awful but I’ll get that sorted for next time!

Ok be kind people!  lots of love xxx

Melty “cheese” sandwich


Oh yummy!

I don’t usually use fake meats and cheese because I don’t really feel they add that much to us nutritionally, I could be wrong but sometimes you just fancy some greedy foods!

I picked up some vibites beef slices in Holland and Barrett the other day so I had some vbites beef style slices with a violife cheese slice, tomatoes, jalapeños and some “mayo”.

Melted the lot in the foreman grill and served with a little salad