Sourdough Cinnamon Swirls

My apologies to all those trying to use this Spring time to get fit and slim for the Summer lol! These are sooooo good your really going to find it hard to just eat one…trust me I tried and failed lol. The kids loved them and they were a real treat for a weekend breakfast a few weeks back. I topped mine off with a maple cream cheese sauce. They were quite simply a piece of heaven in a skillet!

I’ve had a sourdough starter on the go for a while now and I am really enjoying trying it in all sorts of delicious recipes. This is definitely my favourite. It works really well and is so easy to make.

I did leave my dough for 24hrs in the fridge before using it but you can let it rise for a couple of hours in the kitchen if you are making these in a hurry. You can also use a baking tray instead of a cast iron skillet if nessecary. I think they work well in the pan because they keep their shape really well.

Cinnamon Skillet Swirls

For the swirls:

100ml of sourdough starter

400ml of whole milk

1 egg beaten lightly

850g of white spelt flour

100g golden caster sugar

1/2tsp of salt

150g of unsalted butter


200g unsalted butter

150g of golden caster sugar

5tsp of cinnamon

Maple Cream Cheese Drizzle:

Small tub of cream cheese

Maple Syrup

Chopped pecans

Whisk together the egg, milk and starter in a bowl or mixer. I like to use my kitchen aid with the dough hook attached.

Add in the flour, sugar and salt. Mix further.

Add in the butter and mix to form a dough. Knead by hand on a well floured work surface or use the dough hook to knead for 5 minutes.

Add the dough to a bowl and cover. Place in the fridge for 24hrs or for a speedy recipe leave for 2 hrs in a warm place.

If the dough is sticky then oil your hands with a little vegetable oil before handling.

Make the filling by mashing together the butter, sugar and cinnamon. Set aside until the dough is ready.

Grease a cast iron skillet or baking tray.

Divide the dough in half and roll each piece into a large rectangle. Spread half of the filling across the whole thing.

Roll up and slice into equal slices. Place the slices into the cast iron skillet with a little space between each to allow for spreading.

Repeat with the other half of dough.

Cover and leave for another 30 minutes in a warm place.

Bake in the oven at 180oc for 25-30minutes.

Leave to cool slightly while making the maple drizzle.

Fork together the cream cheese. Add enough maple syrup, little by little to form a thick cream consistency.

Drizzle over the swirls and sprinkle some chopped pecans on the top.