Episode 1 – The Wee Larder Podcast – Introduction

Click the play button below to listent to my introductory podcast.

How to cook from scratch in a crazy busy home – Episode 2 The Wee Larder

Welcome to The Wee Larder podcast Episode 2! In this episode I’m going to be sharing my tips and tricks for cooking from scratch in my own busy home.  I’ve got four children and really try my best to cook home made meals as much as possible.  I thought I would share my scheduling tips, how I meal plan, my freezer meal prep ideas and my favourite time saving gadgets for the kitchen. 
  1. How to cook from scratch in a crazy busy home – Episode 2
  2. The Wee Larder Introduction

Hey everyone I’m so excited to finally start my own podcast.

It’s been in the plan for quite some time but its always been one of those things I’ve not really got round to doing…anyway it feels so good to finally get the ball rolling and get it out there.

I have a lot to learn when it comes to podcasting but love writing and talking lol! and hope to get one out to you all every Saturday. I plan to add a video version of the pod to my Youtube channel every Sunday.

Thanks for listening everybody, take care and lots of love to you all! 🙂

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