Take the pressure off the family meal by prepping your meal in the slow cooker first thing in the morning and then relax knowing that you will have a nourishing meal ready by night time.  I love using my slow cooker in the colder months and when I am busy with my mummy duties!  I love my job as a stay at home mum but it’s hard work!  Slow cookers help take the stress out of dinner times!  I have included a slow cooker meal plan at the end of the video for some ideas and will follow up with a recipe video soon!  Enjoy!  If you have any questions or comments drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you, Love


Hello, I’m Angie!

Ice Cream Party

A mother of three children with a degree in Graphic Design & Multimedia and am the creator of the Natural Living website and YouTube channel where I share my very easy nutrient packed and recipes and holistic health and wellness ideas.

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In the near future I hope to be able to offer services in the areas of nutrition and holistic health and wellness.  Watch this space for updates.

As for now I hope you enjoy my recipes, cooking instructions, free resources and e-books.

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You will find a variety of topics here but my main passions are in nutritional healing and creating a healthy body and mind.  It is my wish that you benefit from these recipes and videos and that they may encourage you to try new things.

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As a busy family we certainly are not perfect all the time when it comes to food but I personally try my best to eat well and hope that my children continue to make good choices in the future.  We experience the typical child green veggie avoidance in this house and I work to find ways to incorporate healthy foods into their diet.  In particular I use juices and smoothies and the kids love making them with me.  It has taken me a long time to get to this point of health and healing and I still have lots of weight loss progress to make but I trust I will reach that point over the next while.

Through my many years of personal research I have experienced the healing and restoring benefits of food and the impact a healthy diet and lifestyle can have on my health and mind.

I believe that good nutrition, although a large part of our health and well being, is a part of the larger picture and wish to introduce clients to other methods of healing that would work alongside nutritional healing.

Keeping our mind and body healthy is easy and it is my desire to help and inspire you on your journey.

It is my dream to reach and help heal as many people as I can through the knowledge I have and am gaining through my training.

Follow your dreams and live a life of service and love to others!


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