About Me


My great passions in life are natural living, eating close to nature where possible and researching the benefits of the healing power of foods.  Second to that, but the greater of the two, is the hope and love that I’ve found in my relationship with Jesus.  The first I’m brave enough to share, the second I am working on. 😉

As a mother of three I work hard at nourishing and feeding my children as best as I can and research and question everything deeply regarding their health and wellness.  I’m certainly not a crowd follower and if anything swim against the current most of the time.  I have been obsessed with healthy, organic and super foods for as long as I can personally remember.

My own personal health increased dramatically from changing the way I eat a few years ago.  It was a gradual change and it’s still changing but I strongly believe from the research I have done over the years that nature is powerful and nature can do it better!

It is easy to make small changes to the way we eat and it is my desire and vision to help inspire, educate and help heal people through eating natural and easily accessible plant based foods.  We can also help the environment and the animals in the process and work towards creating a much fairer world for all.  I don’t call myself a vegan or even a vegetarian for that matter, I eat what I want when I want but about 90% of my diet is plant powered.  I don’t need titles and you will not see any animal cruelty pictures on here from the farming industries, that’s not my approach at all.  I share my recipes because I love to do so!

Our body has incredible natural healing abilities physically and emotionally and I believe that through a plant based nutritional approach and healthy living we can greatly improve the health of our body and mind and can assist our body in the natural healing process of a manner of issues.

“Let thy food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”

I’ve personally struggled with my weight for many years, especially after having my children and am still on a journey to health, weight loss and fitness through a healthy diet.  I am not perfect in any way shape or form and have lots of weight still to loose, life gets in the way sometimes when it comes to healthy  eating and bringing up and schooling our children leaves little time for the fitness elements.  Although I do enjoy running and walking.

Lets not forget my obsession with Jesus, the light of the world.  He is the light and inspiration of everything that I do (maybe not the stupid things lol) and life would be a very dark place without the living personal relationship he offered me.  I would love to share the things he teaches me through his spirit and word.

Anyway, that’s my weird and wonderful life and I hope you find some inspiration and enjoyment from reading my blog posts.  Who knows which direction things will move in but that about sums up everything I enjoy writing and sharing at the moment.

“Follow your dreams and be the wonderful, beautiful and unique soul you were created to be”

If you have read this far, thank you!  And I look forward to sharing my brain with you in the future!

Love and peace be with you always! +