Review – The Berry Company

I am always on the lookout for something new and nutritious for the family and I love these drinks by The Berry Company. They are one of our favourite UK brands at the moment and they use such a huge variety of nutritious berries in their juice blends.

They went down well with the kids, especially at breakfast time and its great to know they are getting something with such awesome ingredients to drink at this time of day.

These are a selection of my faves above! I love the Superberries one, it tasted so good in a smoothie. You can find the ingredients at

I tried a few different recipes with these drinks but to be honest they work best served straight in a glass with ice or diluted with water. They do work well in smoothies though and are really nice gently warmed with a few spices for a cold winters night drink.

They also have a delicious selection of their own cocktail recipes which do work well with alcohol free gin too!

You can find them at Holland and Barrett, Ocado, Waitrose and most of these places even deliver from their online stores.

Our delicious juice blends our now all made from natural ingredients, without added sugar or any added sweeteners. We continue to pride ourselves on sourcing the best and most exotic ingredients and botanicals from around the world that deliver light and balanced flavours, full of taste and goodness. The Berry Company Website

They also have no added sugar, are suitable for vegans and are free from any additional artificial ingredients.

These products were gifted and these are my own personal opinions.

August Faves 2019!

I love the end of Summer…the weather is still warm during the day but I love the cooler evenings and the prep for the Autumn/Fall ahead! Autumn and all the colour it brings is my favourite season of course!

Click the video below for some of my favourite products for household, baby, reading, kitchen and foodie items! There are links at the bottom of the page where you can find them if they inspire you!

Love Angie x 😉

Bio D Cleaner –

Kite Clothing –

Frugi –

Sweet sleep book –

The Art of Hygge –

Fruity Fruits –

Neals Yard Hair Treatment –

Silicone Trays –

Kids Taste Test – Tesco Vegan & GF Snacks


A quick funny video of the kids first taste challenge, they were so excited about it Maggie rushed out to purchase all of the snacks for the next one from the Asian grocery store in Aberdeen.

This video consists of 6 snacks from Tesco which are gluten free and/or vegan friendly in an effort to get the kids to try new foods and not be scared off by how things look or appear at first.

Honest opinions are given, kids find it hard to lie lol! 🙂  The mustard I sneaked in at the end was a good surprise.

This video was Maggie’s idea and she made the signs etc. so I can’t take the credit for this one.

Well done Maggie xxxx


Duff House Vegetarian Review


We ended up at Duff House play park today, the kids were super hungry after their play in the lovely park and it was really cold, it was -2 when we left the house so we headed into the tea room for some tea and lunch.  I thought I would check out the vegetarian/vegan options as usual and I was pretty impressed.

I had a lovely cup of tea with a mozzarella stromboli sandwich filled with olives and tomatoes, it was very similar to a large panini, very filling and so delicious.


We will definitely be going back with the family, they have little kid boxes too for the kids and we also have a historic Scotland pass so I look forward to taking a trip around the house next time.


The restaurant has plenty of information on the history of the house and it’s a pretty interesting read as you await your lunch.

Check it out at the website below.

Aldi’s Vegetarian Soup Review

A quick look at two soups I purchased from Aldi’s the other day whilst looking for vegetarian foods, I would really recommend giving them a try they taste delicious and were really cheap to buy! 🙂

Love Angie x

Boogie Woogie Cafe Review Scotland


So this is what I get up to when its snowing outside, my house is freezing and I can’t feel the ends of my fingertips anymore, I go to one of my fave Scottish cafe/gift shops in Keith, Morayshire, Scotland – Boogie Woogie!  They are well known for home cooked delicious comforting food.  So what did I have?  Well to defrost my hands I had a naughty hot chocolate, which was a delicious sweet treat!


I followed that with a huge bowl of tomato pasta and roasted vegetables topped with feta cheese and a basil garnish.  There was a good selection of vegetables on the top and it tasted freshly made, I found the dish very inspiring and might make a version myself for the family at home!


It took my husband ages to persuade me to have some delicious cake afterwards lol! 😉  So I choose a piece of lemon and raspberry cake which was really moist and very yummy!  Everything tasted homemade as usual and the service was super fast and I better add I had a teeny tiny supper after that treat!


They also have an awesome gift shop upstairs and some really interesting and quirky things located around the cafe.  I love the clothing range they have where I noticed some things were very well made and I hope to purchase a thing or too in the future.


I also bought a lovely book which I can’t wait to read in front of the fire tonight “The Art of Hygge” its very beautiful and Hygge pronounced ‘hue ga’ is a Danish word that describes the feeling of being cosy, comfortable and at peace with the world.  its almost impossible to translate into English but the whole book is so inspiring! 🙂

So if you want to check out one of my favourite local cafes click on the website below.