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Scottish Pancakes

I don’t think any Scottish foodie blog would complete without these delicious pancakes. You can serve them simple with melted butter or jam or for that special treat with some crispy bacon and eggs on the top.

I love these thick pancakes cooked up fresh in the morning, especially at the weekend when things are a little slower going in the Milne hoosie! They go really well with some delicious fresh fridge jam or in the Winter with some Summer berry jam that was made in the Summer months.

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I love to pop the extra ones in the kids lunch boxes or in a wee paper bag for school snacks. Folded over with some jam in the middle. They make the perfect treat!

These Scottish pancakes really couldn’t be any easier to make than they are. You can also make up the dry ingredients ahead of time and store in the larder cupboard, adding the wet ingredients when you are ready to make a batch up.

I don’t personally do this as I find them super easy to make as it is but it is something handy to have in the cupboard for the kids with a little instruction explaining how to make them. My daughter loves to make pancakes, its her go to if she doesn’t like my evening meals ha ha ha

Scottish Pancakes Recipe

250g of self raising flour

30g of golden caster sugar

1/4 tsp of salt

2 medium eggs

275ml of whole milk

40g of melted butter and extra for greasing the pancake pan

Add all of the dry ingredients together and mix together.

Whisk all of the wet ingredients together in a jug and pour into the middle of the dry ingredients.

Whisk together to create a nice thick batter.

Grease a pancake maker or flat griddle and drop a couple of tbsp of batter at a time onto the surface to form your pancakes.

Cook on a medium heat until tiny bubbles form on the surface and flip.

When lightly browned they are ready to serve. Serve up with some jam, butter or other lovely toppings.

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Luxury Lemon & Lime Curd

Lemon curd… oh how we love your sweet taste in this household! This traditional recipe is high in butter, sugar and eggs so if your on a diet check out my egg and dairy free recipe for lemon curd here its probably a tad healthier lol!

If you want the real thing though hang around for this delicious Luxury Lemon & Lime Curd.

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What makes a good curd…

Well a tonne of butter…quite literally! A load of sugar and a few fresh free ranging eggs and a lot of love of course! I’d love to meet the genius who created this finger licking, moreish jar of goodness! They would definitely be a like minded friend of mine. I’ve used half lemon juice and half limes in this recipe because I love limes too and the flavour is lovely!.

How do I use lemon curd…

Well apart from spooning it out of the jar at 10:30pm at night when all the kids are in bed (oops did I say that out loud!)….I mean apart from neatly spreading it onto your breakfast toast there are so many uses. You can use it to spread inside a lemon sponge cake, I have a delicious recipe for a (lemon and poppy seed pound cake) using fresh lemon yoghurt with curd spread inside, it is soooooo good! If heaven is on earth its in this cake!

You can also use it to spread warm scones fresh from the oven, fill muffins, top ice cream with a shaving of lemon peel on top or even to fill a lemon cake bar for a delicious school snack treat. The possibilities are endless.

Lemon Curd Recipe

375g of organic unsalted butter

3 lemons and 6 limes juiced

500g of golden caster sugar

25g of cornflour

4 med free range egg yolks

4 sterilised 250ml jars

Chop the butter into smaller pieces and add to the pan. Melt and stir.

Add in the sugar, on a medium heat, keep stirring until dissolved and bring to a boil. Mix the corn flour with about 50ml of water and add to the butter and sugar. Stir for a few minutes.

Add another 50ml to the egg yolks in a cup and add to the mixture.

Remove from the heat and stir in the eggs whisking vigorously.

Pour into your lovely sterilised jars leaving about a 1cm from the top. Seal and store. Label them with a shelf life of about six months.

You can also add some lovely ribbon and labels to make pretty little gifts. Enjoy!

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