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So you might be wondering what does ‘Holistic Health’ actually mean?  How can I benefit from a holistic approach to my health?

My personal understanding is that it involves looking at various areas of our whole being from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual perspective and I believe that by taking steps to healing in all areas we are therefore taking steps to creating the most optimum version of ourselves.

Is it possible to be perfect in all areas of our whole being? 

I honestly don’t know, I know I certainly am not but am aware of some of the impacts certain areas of my health can have on the other.  I do work to improve my health in a variety of areas and try to inspire my family to do so also.  I love to share the things that I have learnt along the way.

I am particularly interested in nutrition and feeding my family the best I can despite their cravings for sweets and all the things that kids love!  It’s hard work!

This section will hopefully provide some inspiration to you on your own journey and might perhaps be a stepping stone to improving you and your own families health and wellbeing.

Click on the areas of health, fitness, emotional, spiritual, beauty for some of the ideas I have implemented, everyone is unique and it doesn’t necessarily mean they will work for you but inspiration from others may lead to you finding out something new or trying new things in your own way.

I wish you a million blessings on your (and your families) journey to health and well


Please contact me if you have any questions I am always willing to help if I can!


Angie Milne