12 Days of Christmas Cookbook



A short collection of 12 family Christmas recipes inspired by traditional and seasonal Scottish cooking. (digital product)


This short Scottish Christmas book contains a selection of family favourites inspired by Scottish food traditions and seasons. I hope this book encourages you to try some new recipes in the kitchen and helps you enjoy the flavours of Scotland.  There are 12 family Christmas recipes and there are even some fun recipes suitable to make with young children too. The gingerbread bothy and my favourite Christmas spiced biscuits are fab for the wee ones and also the big kids in the family!

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2 thoughts on “12 Days of Christmas Cookbook

  1. María Encarnación Albarrán Alvarez

    I’m in love with your recipes. I love Scotland since I was a au-pair in Kinross and later I worked in the hostels from SYHA. Your meals remember me those years.

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