Breakfast recipes:

Pecan Caramel Nut Milk

I love making all sorts of nut milk as its a delicious alternative to use in cereals or other recipes. I like to try new things and loved making this pecan nut milk.. It’s delicious with the addition of raw honey and has a lovely caramel flavour. You could make it sweeter with some dates … Read More

Blueberry Oat Muffins

I made 18 of these delicious blueberry and oat muffins in the evening last week and by morning there were 6 left. Lets just say they went down well with the big kids in the house lol! They are made with loads of fresh blueberries, dates, oats and kefir milk. You can also use yoghurt … Read More

Walnut Cake Brunch

Remember that delicious walnut cake I made a few recipes back…well we used up the leftovers for a delicious brunch at the weekend! Check this out, it was loved by all the kids! The recipe is super easy and you could use any old leftover pieces of cake it doesn’t have to be walnut cake. … Read More

Sourdough Cinnamon Swirls

My apologies to all those trying to use this Spring time to get fit and slim for the Summer lol! These are sooooo good your really going to find it hard to just eat one…trust me I tried and failed lol. The kids loved them and they were a real treat for a weekend breakfast … Read More

Kefir Berry Smoothie

We love a smoothie in the morning, it really helps us start the day off well. Kefir smoothies have become a favourite breakfast item in our family and there are so many delicious variations to be made. This berry smoothie is one of our favourite smoothies made with kefir. We love making kefir and there … Read More

Kefir Fluffy Pancakes

These pancakes are our absolute fave! They are fluffy and so delicious with chopped fruit, nuts and maybe a drizzle of maple syrup or raw honey. They are also the perfect way to use up any excess kefir you may have from making your own. They are so easy to make and the kids absolutely … Read More

Lunch Ideas:

Sweet Potato & Chicken Enchiladas

These are absolutely delicious and if you use a little chicken in the wraps they are surprisingly light. A great recipe to eat and use less meat but with all the flavour! The kids loved them and they were gone in an instant. They even ate all the vegetables inside, peppers, onions and spinach lol! … Read More

Wartime Rhubarb Sponge

This delicious rhubarb sponge is moist and crumbly at the same time. It’s half way between a rhubarb crumble and a sponge and is the kind of delicious pudding your Grandma would have served you after a Sunday lunch. My kids loved it so much I barely got a shot of it coming out of … Read More

Lovely Kefir Lemonade

I love this delicious probiotic rich lemonade made with kefir water. Its so easy to make and is packed with nutritional beneficial bacteria. My kids love to try my bubbly fermented drinks and once you know how to make kefir water you can then go on to make so many different variations using different fruits … Read More

Honey Chilli Chicken Salad

The kids loved this Honey Chilli Chicken Salad recipe and its such an easy recipe throw together recipe its literally made in minutes. You can add whatever salad items you have available in the fridge for this recipe and even serve it with a little crusty bread. Check out this quick recipe in the video … Read More

Kefir Yoghurt with Rhubarb & Oat Topping

This homemade kefir yoghurt is perfect with the addition of a little maple syrup and goes well in so many recipes. This is just a quick suggestion on how to use your kefir yoghurt in late Spring when rhubarb is abundant in the garden. Try growing some yourself its very easy to grow and provides … Read More

Beef Noodle Soup

My kids love these the chunky udon noodles, thai flavours and thin strips of beef in this soup. The combination of different flavours and textures are delicious! The beef bone broth is the base of this delicious soup and it adds a delicious flavour and silky texture. You can also adjust the spice level of … Read More