Kids – Tree Loom


Kids outdoor weaving project!

So to try and get the kids away from the sky box I set up this outdoor weaving loom!  At first they couldn’t be bothered but after a while they totally got into it an were weaving all sorts into it…feathers, wool, grass, twigs!  I’ll repost a pic of the finished article…great fun and pretty addictive for the adults too! 😊

All you need is some twine and old wool and some ribbon if you have, the rest of the decorative weaving items can be found around the garden (feathers, grass, leaves, cones etc.)  wrap and tie the twine around the trees in any way you like as long as you can weave through…here’s my design.

weave your wool or ribbons over and under any sections you wish to create your woven project!


Great for outdoor time!