Winter Days

winterscenes.jpgCheck those eye bags!!!

I was so tired today doing all the pet chores outside as I was woken up every hour last night with the howling wind and snow storms.  The weather was also freezing cold but I made a really quick video in the garden today and had another peek at all the rescue hens who are still on lock down due to the bird flue risk.  This means they are not allowed out of their enclosure or outside until the end of February.  It makes things very difficult but its not long and I look forward to seeing them free ranging at the start of spring…what a delight that will be!  🙂

Remember those times when you would come back in the house crying because your hands were so numb with cold, well that was me today, I was almost greeting my hands were so sore! 🙂

I hope to post it onto my youtube page late next week.