Maca Porridge, Banana & Almonds

macaporridge.jpgMaca Porridge with Almonds and Banana

A real nourishing treat for the winter months!  There are no particular measurements for this recipe please adjust to taste and requirements.  You can also soak your oats in almond milk over night which I find makes them more enjoyable, but you don’t have to.

Cook up the oats with water or dairy free milk of choice, I would use Organic Almond Milk.  Once off the heat add a dash of Organic Vanilla Extract, some molasses and some live coconut yogurt to thicken.  Spoon in a tbsp or two of maca powder and stir, add some chopped almonds and drizzle some high quality maple syrup over the top.

If you would like further information on some of the more unusual ingredients and where to purchase them check out the links below.  I always purchase my ingredients from these people they are trusty suppliers and Indigo Herbs in particular is produced in the UK and is of a really high quality.

Health Benefits:

Maca Powder –

Molasses –

Maple syrup –

Links to buy ingredients:

Meridian Organic Molasses 740 g

Organic Peruvian Maca Powder – 500g (Certified Organic)

ORGANIC maple syrup – Grade A (Dark, Robust taste) – 1 liter (1,35 Kg) – BIO maple syrup

Please note maca is not recommended for very young children!  Enjoy! 😀

Love and warm wishes in the winter months!

Angie xx