Boogie Woogie Cafe Review Scotland


So this is what I get up to when its snowing outside, my house is freezing and I can’t feel the ends of my fingertips anymore, I go to one of my fave Scottish cafe/gift shops in Keith, Morayshire, Scotland – Boogie Woogie!  They are well known for home cooked delicious comforting food.  So what did I have?  Well to defrost my hands I had a naughty hot chocolate, which was a delicious sweet treat!


I followed that with a huge bowl of tomato pasta and roasted vegetables topped with feta cheese and a basil garnish.  There was a good selection of vegetables on the top and it tasted freshly made, I found the dish very inspiring and might make a version myself for the family at home!


It took my husband ages to persuade me to have some delicious cake afterwards lol! 😉  So I choose a piece of lemon and raspberry cake which was really moist and very yummy!  Everything tasted homemade as usual and the service was super fast and I better add I had a teeny tiny supper after that treat!


They also have an awesome gift shop upstairs and some really interesting and quirky things located around the cafe.  I love the clothing range they have where I noticed some things were very well made and I hope to purchase a thing or too in the future.


I also bought a lovely book which I can’t wait to read in front of the fire tonight “The Art of Hygge” its very beautiful and Hygge pronounced ‘hue ga’ is a Danish word that describes the feeling of being cosy, comfortable and at peace with the world.  its almost impossible to translate into English but the whole book is so inspiring! 🙂

So if you want to check out one of my favourite local cafes click on the website below.