Homemade Vanilla Extract


Homemade vanilla extract woop woop!  I am super excited with this and cant wait to try it out.  It was so simple and easy to make even my husband managed it ha ha 🙂

Vanilla beans

Brandy or vodka

Click on the link above to purchase some vanilla beans, I found these were a pretty good price.  Whatever you do don’t buy them from the supermarket, they are usually super expensive.

So…easy peasy…slice the vanilla pods and chop into 1inch pieces, pop them all into a sterilised bottle and fill with your chosen alcohol.  Pop in the larder cupboard or dark place and leave for at least one month.  You can then drain the liquid into a suitable sterilised jar and you can also make a vanilla paste with the leftover beans.  I will post and tag the vanilla paste recipe onto here once my vanilla extract is ready.  I just want to add that this is a fraction of the cost of the extract you can purchase in the supermarket.  Save money and make your own.