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Natural coconut water is so simple and so refreshing.  Fill up a sports flask with coconut water and half water for pre or post workout drink, also a great drink for the summer garden.  Its Autumn here just now though and I’m drinking my coconuts indoors before I move onto hot cacao drinks mmmm…

Coconut water is a great natural electrolyte, and it contains high amounts of potassium. It is also lower in carbohydrates — It only contains about 4.5% carbohydrates, whereas typical sports drinks can contain a 6%-8% carbohydrate concentration. (Dr. Axe)

My son drank two of these after school the other day, they are expensive fresh and I cant keep up with that demand ha ha!  You can buy a good high quality coconut water from the supermarket but most of them are heat processed and I try to avoid pasturised drinks where possible, simply because pasturisation in most cases = high heat which in turn destroys some of the nutrition (not all of the nutrition though), they are still beneficial to your health in some aspects though. Coconuts are not always easy to obtain fresh though and if I cant get them fresh the pasturised stuff is second best.

Also a great addition to smoothies and deserts, some raw desserts use coconut water in the blending processes.

Here are some additional facts in the links below.

If you are looking to purchase coconuts in bulk, which is possible via mail, then you can purchase them in a 6 or 12 pack by clicking on the image below.  If your not using many though I would purchase a 6, I have purchased a 36!! before and they all went off before i got through half of them.

Click on the image to order coconuts


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    Angie, Just reading your posts. thanks for this one esp. I had not realised pasteurised was not as good as I had thought! I will be looking out for fresh coconuts now. Am away to cottage near Ford, Oban on Saturday with Dougie and Maria to catch up with my cousins while they explore with their dogs. Back week MOnday. Hoping all well with you.It is great the nutrition you are interested in and giving your kids. It is inspiring. I am fine. wil be cooking for Dougie and Maria .too. Lets do Boyndie when I get back! And I would love to do the Alpha Course DVD too sometime. Maybe Maria also would like it also.Have found about a dozen more home winemaking bits to give you. Take Care and,

    All best, Georgia X +

    • Hi Georgia, pasturised drinks are good for you too but sometimes the high heat can destroy certain beneficial aspects. I still purchase bottled coconut water if I can’t find fresh and it still has many benficial elements. Enjoy your time in Oban! 🙂 Thanks for the wine making stuff, Ive not had time to make any this year but maybe next year I will manage.
      Take Care Angie x

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