Kids chocolate ice cream shake!


Homemade raw chocolate ice cream shake!

It’s not exactly the weather for ice cream shakes tonight at -3 outside but at my sons request I said I would make him one so I managed to sneak in a few extras.  I added a huge two tbsp of alpro dairy free vanilla ice cream and topped it up with tonnes of almond milk, three tbsp of raw cacao powder, a splash of maple syrup and a couple of tbsp of chia seeds.  Blend it all up until just blended, don’t keep the blender  running too long or it will get too warm.

Serve with some grated dark chocolate on top if you fancy.

2 thoughts on “Kids chocolate ice cream shake!

  1. Georgia

    Chocolate Milkshake always welcome to this adult too! I didn’t know you could get alpro dairy free icecream! From Tesco? Thanks for that info too.

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