Blackberries (brambles) for lunch!


Seasonal warm smoothie made with freshly picked brambles (blackberries) that we found on our forest walk with the dogs today…I love those heavenly moments when nature provides something so delicious, nutritious and so unexpectedly!  🙂

So the ingredients were…

a handful of blackberries,

a green apple,

a pear,

tbsp of maca,

tbsp of goji berries,

tbsp of flax seeds,

tbsp of pumpkin seeds

and topped with half almond and half water…

In my vitamix I can blend it on high for a few minutes and it will warm it up because let’s face it it’s freezing outside and who wants to drink a cold smoothie heading into the winter months…not sure if this works in other blender models you can give it a try.

If you like it a litte sweeter you could add a date or two or a dollop of honey.  This recipe was shared between two people.

2 thoughts on “Blackberries (brambles) for lunch!

  1. Georgia

    Hi Angie, This looks a really good recipe! I have 2 questions.1.Can you tell me where I can get the maca, please? I dont know what it is! I have heard of the goji berries, but dont like pumpkin seeds
    2 Roasted pumpkin them for a recipe (pumpkin soup made with whole milk) 2 days ago. I was told it had to be whole milk -boiled fr about 12 ins- as other milk would separate.(??)

    • Hi Georgia I picked the blackberries wild and I think the season will be past now but you can buy them from the supermarket out of season although they are probably shipped in. Maca powder you can buy online on amazon and I use almond milk for all my cooking sometimes I make fresh but mostly buy it from Tesco, the almond milk from Tesco contains a lot less almonds than homemade though but you need a really powerful blender for homemade almond milk. A can of coconut milk would also work well.
      Take care Angie x

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