Breakfast Peanut Bars

I love a nice warming family breakfast in the winter months and nothing hits the spot like a bowl of creamy porridge with a variety of toppings and a drizzle of raw honey!

Time is not always on my side in the mornings though and these breakfast bars are the perfect alternative to my fave breakfast porridge. They are not served hot but they certainly hit the spot with a little fruit and yoghurt on the side.

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You can make these bars ahead of time at the weekend and store them in an airtight container. They last a week or so like this and make the perfect meal prep recipe for breakfast.

What’s in the bars…

These bars include all of my favourite porridge ingredients, organic oats, runny honey, nuts, seeds, dried fruit. You can vary them a little to suit your own tastes but the ingredients I have chosen work really well together.

Best way to use these bars…

These bars are packed with energy and for that reason I think they make the best speedy breakfast snacks. You can serve them alongside a piece of fruit and a live yoghurt for a nice balanced family breakfast.

They also make fab school snacks and I love to pop them in a paper bag for break snacks or in the kids lunch boxes. I usually half them for the kids lunch boxes as they are quite large the way I cut them.

You can also crumble up leftover bars and use them to top ice cream, smoothie bowls or that creamy bowl of hot porridge you might have time to make. They also make perfect travel snacks. Pop some in a paper bag for a picnic or road trip to keep hungry tummies full.

Breakfast Peanut Bar Recipe

125g of unsalted butter

150g of coconut sugar

75g runny honey

125g of crunchy peanut butter

200g oats

75g of chopped dried apricots

75g of chopped dates

75g of sunflower seeds

75g of pumkin seeds

Butter a baking tin and turn the oven on to 160.

Melt the butter, sugar, peanut butter and honey in a small saucepan on a low to med heat. Stir until the sugar has combined and melted.

Combine all of the other ingredients in a large bowl.

Pour over the melted ingredients and stir thoroughly.

Spread the bar mixture into the baking tin and cook for around 30-40mins or until the mixture is firm to touch.

Leave to cool completely before cutting up into bars as the mixture can sometimes crumble if you try to cut it up hot.

Enjoy! x

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