Homemade Butter

There are so many options when it comes to buying butter and we really don’t have to make our own but there’s something deeply satisfying about making your own butter for your kitchen. It’s fun, super easy and you can add other ingredients to the butter to create your own flavoured butters.

All you need is a food mixer or a traditional butter churner and glass. It’s a fun activity for young kids to use the butter churner and it can be quite satisfying for them too to see the final results. They can then go on to make the butter milk pancakes or muffins recipe.

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Garlic, Chilli & Blue Cheese Butter

I have 3 variations for creating your own flavoured butters. The simplest being homemade garlic butter. This can be used to make an epic homemade garlic bread for a delicious starter to any meal.

I’ve also created a delicious paprika butter which is great for cooking seafood in the oven or the frying pan or even melted over a tray of roasted vegetables.

My favourite has to be my blue cheese butter. You can make this with any of your favourite blue cheeses but my favourite has to be a good classic stilton. This butter is delicious melted over a steak just when its ready to serve.

Freezing your Butter

You can freeze your butter logs to save on waste. All you need to do is slice your logs and wrap up in the paper before freezing and when needed all you need to do is take a slice out. Most of the time you can add the butter frozen to your recipes.

Save money making your own

Theres not a massive saving to be made making your own butter but every penny counts and you do save money long term. Your also left with the buttermilk to make your own pancakes or muffins so an additional ingredient to use is a boost. I have also noticed that double cream is frequently available in the reduced section of your local grocery store so if you can find it here its a bonus and a double saving.

I love to use organic cream and a high quality flaked sea salt. You could also try using a Himalayan pink salt or a smoked salt for a different flavour variation. The options are endless really.

Butter making equipment

I’m using my Kitchen Aid food processor but you can use a simple butter churning gadget to make your own butter. I would recommend a food mixer for a quick butter. The hand held churner is fun for children though and I have used the kilner one which is fab.

Kitchen Aid Food Mixer

Kilner Butter Churn

Easy Butter Recipe


We use about 900ml of double cream to make three butter logs but you can use a lot less. It really doesn’t matter on the quantity. There’s only the one ingredient so just put whatever quantity of double cream you have to hand in the food processor or churn.

Food Mixer Method

Pour all the cream into the mixer and mix on a low speed. Slowly bring the speed up to med/high and whip for a few minutes.

You should notice your double cream turns into thick whipping cream then a crumb consistency and then butter . Keep going with the speed until it separates into thick fat and watery buttermilk.

Remove the bowl from the mixer stand and drain the buttermilk liquid into a jug.

Gather the butter fat together in your hands and place in a bowl of cold water. Shape and rinse the butter in the bowl into a ball.

On a large chopping board squish the butter fat out flat. Sprinkle generously with the flaked sea salt and roll with some greaseproof paper into a log shape.

Keep your butter milk in a glass jar for futher recipes.

Three Flavours

Garlic Butter – Mix any amount of freshly made butter with freshly grated garlic, salt, pepper and perhaps even some herbs. Spread onto sliced oven bake bread and bake in the oven for 10 mintues. Delicious!

Paprika Butter – Mix any amount of freshly made butter with a blend of your favourite spices. I like to create a paprika butter, using chilli, paprika and a little cumin. This is great for frying fish or baking fish in the oven.

Stilton Butter – Mix any amount of freshly made butter with crumbled blue cheese. Stilton is my absolute favourite cheese to use here and I love to crumble it into the butter and roll in dried herbs. This is delicious served over a freshly prepared steak just before serving or other meat of choice.

If your looking for some recipes to use your lovely homemade butter in check out my recipes below by clicking on the images.

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