Kefir Yoghurt with Rhubarb & Oat Topping

This homemade kefir yoghurt is perfect with the addition of a little maple syrup and goes well in so many recipes. This is just a quick suggestion on how to use your kefir yoghurt in late Spring when rhubarb is abundant in the garden. Try growing some yourself its very easy to grow and provides a delicious vegetable before the berry season comes along.

If you don’t have kefir to hand you can buy some in the super market or use plain live yoghurt instead. You want the live yoghurt so you get the benefit from the lovely living foods contained within. If you haven’t used kefir or made it before check out my video on making your own kefir below. If you have a stash of kefir ready skip straight to the written recipe below.

When you make this kefir yoghurt you’ll be left with kefir yoghurt and a living cultured whey. The whey is the clear liquid that is left after making the yoghurt. This can be kept and used for a variety of things such as fermenting vegetables, smoothies, sports drinks etc. Its appartenly very nutritious and known in some cultures as liquid gold. It also contains healthy bacteria. If you do some research on this you will find a variety of recipes. Keep it stored in the fridge as it keeps for a very long time this way.

Kefir Yoghurt Recipe

You will need:

A large bowl

A large seive

A large muslin cloth or something like a jelly straining bag

A batch of kefir of any quantity (with grains removed as in video above)

Maple Syrup

Vanilla Essence (optional)

2 large stalks of rhubarb

Golden caster sugar or coconut sugar


Lay your seive over the glass bowl. Fold the muslin in half so its doubled up and lay on the top of the seive overlapping the sides.

Pour all of your lovely fresh kefir into the muslin cloth lined seive.

Leave in a cool place or the fridge if you have room for about 12 hours.

All of the whey (the clear liquid) will have dripped through the cloth into the bowl and the kefir in the muslin will appear thick and yoghurt like.

You can save the whey in a glass jar in the fridge and use it for many things, including the fermentation of vegetables. Its a nutritious liquid so don’t waste it. I quite often just use it up in a smoothie.

Scoop all of the kefir out of the muslin and plop into a large bowl.

Drizzle in a little maple syrup and mix. Add more or less to your own personal tastes. A little vanilla essence works well too.

Hey presto you have kefir yoghurt! If you want to continue to make the rhubarb layer follow the instructions below.

Rhubarb Layer

Slice the rhubarb up pretty fine and place in a pan with a little water. Sprinkle over just enough sugar to cover the rhubarb and stew on a medium heat for a few minutes until tender.

Leave to cool slightly and layer up the rhubarb and yoghurt. Top off with oats and chopped nuts and any other additional fruit. Strawberries work really well.