Honey Chilli Chicken Salad

The kids loved this Honey Chilli Chicken Salad recipe and its such an easy recipe throw together recipe its literally made in minutes. You can add whatever salad items you have available in the fridge for this recipe and even serve it with a little crusty bread. Check out this quick recipe in the video below or you can also print out the recipe from this page.

We love spicy food and use siriacha chilli sauce in this recipe but you can use any chilli sauce you have to hand. I’ve also used kefir yoghurt in this recipe but feel free to use yoghurt instead. If you would like to make kefir I have included the recipe video for kefir at the bottom of this page.

I have used chicken thighs for this recipe but its also a great one for using up any leftover chicken picked off of a roast chicken. You can also use the bones from the thighs or leftover roast to make a bone broth. I’ve added in the bone broth video at the bottom also if you would like to do this.

Honey Chilli Chicken

5-6 cooked and cooled chicken thighs or equivalent leftover roast chicken meat

2 tbsp of siriacha chilli sauce

2 tbsp of clear honey (I have used raw honey)

1 cup of kefir milk or plain live yoghurt

salt and pepper

salad leaves

additional salad items

Cut all the meat off of the cooled chicken thighs and place in a large bowl.

Add the siriacha, honey, kefir and season with salt and pepper.

Stir through to ensure all the chicken is coated and serve on top of a plate of salad leaves.

Add in any additional salad items you may have available in the fridge and serve.

You can also use up leftover chicken salad in a wrap, served on a baked potato or even served on some cooked rice.


Kefir Recipe:

Bone Broth: