Rhubarb Cream Cake

This delicious butter free light sponge is lovely with the flully cream and sticky rhubarb drizzle. Rhubarb is definitely one of my favourite things about late Spring. I love a good Rhubarb pie but quickly get bored of making pie to use it all up. This little sponge cake was inspired by a Nordic sponge recipe and I think it works really well with the cream and rhubarb.

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Walnut & Date Loaf

I love a slice of this traditional walnut cake in the afternoon with a hot cup of tea, it’s the perfect pick me up before shcool run! It’s a traditional recipe and I love the combination of the crunchy walnuts and sweet pieces of dates in the loaf. There’s not too much icing on the top but you can layer it thicker if you like. I like a thin layer as I feel it adds just enough sweetness to the cake.

You can also vary the toppings on the top of the cake, I’ve added some crunchy chopped walnuts but you could also add date pieces or leave it just as plain simple icing.

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Iced Ginger Sponge

Adapted from Janet Murray’s CookbookWith a fine feeling for food, 1972

I love old cookbooks especially Scottish ones, I love to think and imagine the foods of my ancestors…how they prepared foods, what was available and what they thrived on locally. This delicious recipe is adapted from an old family Scottish Cookbook.

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