Rhubarb Cream Cake

This delicious butter free light sponge is lovely with the flully cream and sticky rhubarb drizzle. Rhubarb is definitely one of my favourite things about late Spring. I love a good Rhubarb pie but quickly get bored of making pie to use it all up. This little sponge cake was inspired by a Nordic sponge recipe and I think it works really well with the cream and rhubarb.

You could also add some chopped stewed rhubarb into the sponge itself to intensify the flavour. I think I will try this next time. My stewed syrupy rhubarb was folded into the whipped cream for the filling and it was absolutely divine. I think I need more rhubarb plants in my garden after seeing how much this recipe was enjoyed by all the kids big and small.

Rhubarb Cream Sponge with Rhubarb Drizzle

4 free range eggs (preferably organic)

125g of golden caster sugar

150g of white spelt or plain flour

1 teasponn of baking powder

6 large stalks of rhubarb sliced into small pieces

about 150g of golden caster sugar

Juice of one lemon

400ml of thick double cream

Vanilla essence

Turn the oven on to 200oc and grease a medium sized cake tin.

Whisk the eggs and sugar until they are pale and fluffy. This should take a few minutes in a food processor with a whisk attachment. Add the flour and baking powder and blend gently.

Pour the mixture into the cake tin and bake in the preheated oven for 30minutes. Leave to cool completely after the cooking period and slice in half.

While the cake is baking add all the rhubarb and sugar into the pan and slowly heat until all the sugar is dissolved and the rhubarb mixture is of a sticky saucy consistency. Leave to cool in the fridge for the remainder of the cake cooking time.

Whip the cream up in the food processor with the vanilla and stir in half of the cooled rhubarb syrup.

Spread half the cream inside the cake and add the top layer. Add the remaining cream on top and drizzle with the remaining rhubarb syrup.

Serve and enjoy immediately. Store leftovers in the fridge if there are any.

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