Hotch Potch Soup (Hairst Bree / Harvest Broth)

We love this delicious Tradtional Scottish Harvest Broth called Hotch Potch. It’s so delicious to have at the end of Summer and is the perfect way to use up all of the Summer garden peas and broad beans. The sweetness of the Scottish Summer peas and broadbeans works really well with the lamb neck and other vegetables. This is definitely one of our favourite soups at the end of the Summer and we love to freeze it too to enjoy in the Autumn.

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Scottish Crowdie Cheese

This traditional Scottish crowdie cheese is so delicious and creamy and spreads really well on Scottish oatcakes, biscuits or even in a sandwich. Its really easy to make and traditionally was a great way to use up excess milk.

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Broad bean & Broccoli Cheddar Soup

Broad beans seem to grow really well in our Scottish climate and they create the most delicious creamy recipes like dips, sauces or spreads. They always make such a delicious creamy spread or dip but I love to use them in a soup too as they create such a creamy base. This soup is creamy but without the addition of extra cream and the kids love it with a sprinkle of sharp cheddar grated cheese. Its a great way to get the green stuff into the little ones!

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Scottish Blackcurrant Drizzle Cake

We all got a little bit excited about this new blackcurrant drizzle cake recipe we created using our delicious homegrown Scottish blackcurrants. They grow so well here in our Scottish climate and we have tonnes of them in the garden so are always looking for new ways to use them. I’ve not seen a recipe like this in traditional Scottish cooking but I can almost guarantee they would have been growing them in their gardens many moons ago as they are so easy to grow in this climate and they provide such a good nutrititonal boost.

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Garden Kale Salad Bowl

This delicious easy salad bowl was made with a few different varieties of fresh home grown garden kale. Kale is so super nourishing and I love the vibrant green colour of the leaves. My favourite way to eat kale is in a delicious green smoothie but I am also trying to eat and create more salads this summer so I created this delicious kale and salmon salad bowl. I really enjoy a huge bowl of fresh greens for dinner its such a light but filling evening meal. The quinoa in this dish adds a delicious nutty taste to the kale and an extra protein boost too.

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Honey Mustard Salmon Salad

Hey everyone! It was so warm yesterday I really fancied a cold salad so I created this delicious salmon salad with a honey mustard dressing. It was served slightly warm and was soooo delicious. You could also have served it up cold if you wanted to.

I used fresh scottish salmon, wild salamon would be best but its quite tricky to get here. The potatoes were boiled then fried in a little butter and the salad was dressed with a simple dressing of yuzu mustard and raw honey. You could use any honey and plain mustard if you wish. It was so delicious!

The yuzu mustard was gifted to me from one of my favourite suppliers of wasabi and yuzu products. I’m just about to put another order in for their products but please check out their link below they are a lovely business and the products are soooo good! You can even grow your own wasabi plant! How cool!

Honey Mustard Salmon Salad

I’ve not added quantities to this recipe because it depends how many people you are feeding. Its very easy to follow without quantities and adjust to your needs. Please just make enough for your own requirements and mix and match the salad item quantities to suit your own tastes.

cubed potatoes


salt and pepper

sliced cucumber

sliced radishes

thinely sliced fennel

sliced spring onions

apple cider vinegar

olive oil

lemon juice

whole salmon piece (we cooked enough for four)



raw honey

yuzu mustard (or djon mustard)

Start by adding some sliced onions and garlic to a deep casserole dish and dot a little butter around the top. Place the salmon on top of the sliced onion and bake in the oven on a moderate heat for about 20-30minutes until cooked through.

Meanwhile boil the cubed potatoes for about 10 minutes and drain. Heat up a small amount of butter in a cast iron pan and fry the potatoes gently until cooked through.

Add the sliced cucumber, sliced radishes, sliced spring onions and sliced fennel to a bowl and a sprinkle of fresh herbs should you wish. Add in a splash of apple cider vinegar, a sqeueeze of lemon and a drizzle of olive oil. Adjust seasoning to your tastes

Serve up the potatoes as a base, spread some salad on top and flake the salmon on top of the salad. Serve the cooked onions from the base of the casserole dish on top of the salmon and finish with some extra chopped spring onions.

Mix together equal parts of mustard and honey and dot all over the food. Serve and enjoy!

Summer Strawberry Fruit Sponge

We love this easy strawberry sponge recipe as its so light and works really well with other fruits and fillings. I also used the sponge for the rhubarb cake I made recently and it gives you an idea on how you can use other different fruits and vegetables in this cake recipe. You can watch the recipe for the sponge cake in the Youtube video below. These are our favourite family strawberry recipes.

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Strawberry Fruit Leather

This recipe is part of my ‘Family Strawberry Favourites’ video and they are so delicious! You can watch the recipe in the youtube video below or the full recipe is below the video.

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Vlog 1 Time to Bloom & Grow

Summer is finally here and although we had a really lovely sunny end to May its been a pretty wet June so far…we have had a little sunshine though but after the heat wave at the end of May our garden really needed the rain so its been such a blessing!

We don’t have much to eat from the garden yet but the fruit trees were covered in blossom and this left us with the hope of a good harvest in the summer and autumn months.  The blackcurrants and gooseberries are growing nicely and we have so many ideas for them this year.  I am also waiting so patiently for the elderflower to come out and I look forward to making a cordial or two and then some immune boosting syrups in the Autumn months with the berries from the remaining flowers. 

I love how the most potent of berries are available in nature just in time to give us a boost before the cold winter months.  Its as though the earth knows exactly what we need and at what time.  That is why I really have been trying to focus on local and seasonal foods because I feel we can benefit so much from eating in tune with nature and our local surroundings.

I have been using some of our young kale leaves from the garden with mint in my smoothie recipes …we have so much mint at the moment! … don’t plant it directly into the garden they said…well I did and now have loads.  I also like to add some delicious authentic raw honey, kefir milk or kefir water and a banana to my smootheis and it seriously makes the most delicious smoothie.  Apart from a fresh strawberry smoothie this is probably my favourite breakfast in the summer months  

I like to keep breakfasts light in the summer and usually have a smoothie but at the weekend I love to cook up a special breakfast treat for everyone.  In this recipe I’m making warm sourdough toast with slices of smoked salmon, mashed avocado and a warm drizzly poached egg.  (sub – the recipe is on my website).  Food is love to me and I like to think my kids feel that through the meals I serve up to them and I really try to keep things seasonal but hey life gets busy sometimes and we also eat the odd bowl of cereal.  I love my time in the kitchen despite the craziness at meal times.

So for most of the month I’ve spent so much time gardening, researching recipes for our new smoke house we are building and also a great deal of my time is spent chasing after little Mary … she is so speedy just now.  I’ve never had such an early walker…she is definitely a determined yet beautiful little soul…she inspires many of my recipes as I really try to feed her so many different foods at the moment to introduce lots of taste and texture.

We always spend time outdoors every day and in the summer that usually involves a walk with the dogs to the small forestry area close to our home.  Its so beautiful there and there are many things to forage throughout the seasons.  One of my goals this year is to learn more about foraging wild foods .  I know there are many recipes I would love to try and there are also many health benefits to eating wild foods as I mentioned before its another way to keep in tune with nature and our surroundings.  Theres also the whole sensory experience of foraging and the satisfaction of gathering and eating food in the wild as nature intended.

In this next recipe I am making a delicious smoked ham soup…my granny called this hank shunkie soup…it is absolutely delicious and is my dads favourite soup.  Its such a traditional Scottish recipe and one that is close to my heart.  I either make mine with previously made bone broth or stock cubes if that’s not available and a smoked ham hough.  I tend to keep this one for the colder months but we have had some really cold wet days recently and I was craving a bowl of this delicious soup. 

A lot of my time just now during lockdown is spent educating my boys.  We do a lot of outdoor activities and are learning so many new skills.  My son is painting with sticks and other textures from the garden and has created a black hole.  I also love arty projects and have really been enjoying my monthly scrawl art box just now, its giving me a chance to get creative in a different and try out new techniques.  I’m no Picasso but I do love a bit of drawing or painting. 

In this evening recipe I am making a delicious middle eastern sweet and sour fish recipe.  I have adapted the ingredients a little from one of my cookbooks and I’m also using chicken instead of fish fillets as it works really well with the chicken and I will definitely be making this again as the kids loved it with some fluffy rice and they even ate all the vegetables so it was definitely a hit. 

Theres always housework and cleaning to be done at home in our wee cottage but no matter whats left to do me and mary always squeeze in time for a warm bath in all seasons.  A hot drink and a peek at the sunset always hits the spot in the evening too. 

Thank you so much for watching my first vlog in the wee larder kitchen I can’t wait to share with you our beautiful harvests and recipes next month.  I hope to share some more seasonal recipes as well and of course some more traditional Scottish recipes.  I really love traditional Scottish cooking and find that so many recipes are not just healthy but fit into the seasons really well because they had to rely so much on what was growing seasonal and what was available locally and I think if we go back to looking at our ancestors lived in the kitchen, home and garden we can learn and benefit so much.  I really want to take some of that traditional knowledge back to you. 

Lots of love and I hope you enjoy your gardening and cooking this June.  Take Care, Angie 😊

Blueberry Oat Muffins

I made 18 of these delicious blueberry and oat muffins in the evening last week and by morning there were 6 left. Lets just say they went down well with the big kids in the house lol! They are made with loads of fresh blueberries, dates, oats and kefir milk. You can also use yoghurt if you don’t have kefir. I also used fresh buttermilk from making butter with the kids but you can buy buttermilk in the store if you don’t have fresh.

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