Vlog 1 – Walk in the Forest & Parsnip Cake

I love a slow walk in the old forest at any time of year but late winter often brings such cold temperatures. There was a touch of warmth today from the sun and it lifted my cold winter spirit and brought such hope and excitement for the warmer seasons ahead.

Walking in the forest is a chance for me to slow down to the pace of nature and enjoy the little things in life. Life goes by so quickly when your busy bringing up a large family and I need to slow down and recharge from time to time. I like to search for the beauty in all seasons and although there’s nothing to forage at this time of year there’s still plenty to be found if you look close enough.

After the walk I made a delicious parsnip cake with cream cheese frosting, it was moist, sweet and absolutely divine with a cup of hot chocolate. This was my antidote to the cold Winter winds and its amazing how a little bit of cake can bring such happiness. It didn’t last long once the kids were home from school.

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Thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this walk in the forest with me and go on to enjoy your own parsnip cake.

Take Care and lots of love! Bye!