Steamed Lamb Pudding

This traditional Scottish Lamb pudding is actually based on a very old Scottish recipe for a mutton pudding. So if you can get your hands on mutton I would give it a go with that but lamb is really delicious and works really well in this recipe with the addition of potatoes and onions.

I’ve not made many traditional Scottish steamed puddings in my day but they are such a delicious Scottish treat, especially the sweet ones. This savoury lamb pudding works really well with a side of greens and other seasonal vegetables. It is so delicious and the perfect meal for the cold Winter months.

Several people have asked me if this is similiar to a pie, yes it is but slightly different in pastry texture. Its super delish though and any leftovers reheated in the oven make the pastry super crispy and delicious. I love it fresh out of the steaming pan with seasonal greens and vegetables.

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Tips for making this recipe:

  • If your not an expert at making pastry don’t worry this recipe is super easy and if I can do it with my limited pastry skills you can do it too! Patch up any cracks and make sure there is pastry right up to the top.
  • You can also swap out the lamb for some beef and the potatoes out for some carrot slices. Steamed steak pudding is very delicious!
  • This dish is lovely served up with an onion gravy or a simple lamb gravy. You can buy premade or make your own simple gravy.
  • I love to serve up this delicious lamb steamed pudding with fresh seasonal greens and root vegetables for a hearty dish.
  • This pudding does take up to 4hrs to cook so make sure you leave enough time to get the recipe put together and for the cooking time. I made my one the day ahead and heated it back up again in a medium oven. Set it to a medium temperature such as 160 for a fan and reheat for around 20 minutes. The pastry crisps up really well when reheating it and gives it a lovely crisp.
  • There is no specific water quantity for this suet pastry you just need to add in a little water at a time to form the dough.

Scottish Lamb Pudding Recipe

225g self raising flour

100g Atora shredded beef suet

Pinch of salt

Cold Water

600g chopped lamb steaks

1 onion

salt & pepper

2-3 tbsp plain flour

3-4tbsp of water

4-5 small potatoes sliced

Recipe Instructions:

  1. Start by making the suet pastry for the pudding by adding the flour, beef suet and salt into a large mixing bowl. Mix the flour, suet and salt together really well with your hands.
  2. Start adding a little cold water at the time and mix the pastry around with your hands. Keep adding in a little water at a time to create the dough. The ingredients should form a smooth dough that is not too sticky and not too dry. Add more flour or water if the pastry is either too dry or too wet.
  3. Add a good amount of flour to a board or counter top to roll out the pastry.
  4. Slice a small amount off of the pastry to keep for the lid of the pudding.
  5. Roll out the remaining amount of pastry to create a large circular shaped piece of pastry and slice out one quarter as per the images above. This makes the pastry fit better into the pudding dish.
  6. Butter up your pudding dish with a good layer of butter and add a circle of greasproof paper in to the bottom of the pudding dish. Add your pastry into your pudding dish and join the seam up the side. Make sure there are no cracks and patch up any if there are and ensure that your pastry goes right up the side of the dish.
  7. Trim off any excess pastry sticking out the top of the pudding dish.
  8. Add the lamb and the onion into a large bowl and season really well with salt and pepper.
  9. Add in the flour and mix all over the lamb and the onion.
  10. Add the lamb and onion into the pastry dish and top with a good thick layer of sliced potatoes.
  11. Roll out your remaining piece of pastry into a round lid and dampen the edges of the lid with water to seal the lid to the top of the pudding sitting the lid on top of the pastry.
  12. Place the lid on your pudding dish and pierce a couple of slits through the lid. Place some greaseproof paper over the top and tie around the top of the dish.
  13. Place the pudding dish in a large simmering pan of water and keep it at a medium boil with a lid on (if possible) for 4 hours.
  14. Top up the water to a couple of cm from the top of the dish and keep topping up as it cooks.
  15. Carefully remove the pudding dish and leave to cool for a few minutes. Remove the lid and run a knife round the sides to loosen it up around the sides. Place a plate on the top of the dish and flip around. Give the bottom of the pudding dish a few knocks and it should slide out.
  16. Remove the greasproof pastry from the top of the pudding and set the pudding aside ready for cutting. Cut into the pudding like a small cake and take out wedges of the pastry serving the meat on top of each serving.

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