Scottish Venison Osso Bucco Broth

Delicious locally sourced Scottish venison from Moray, Scotland – Little Rowater Farm Shop

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Scottish venison is a delicious alternative to other red meats. I love to use it in the slow cooker with a glass or two of red wine or pop it in my cast iron pot and slow cook it simply with a load of seasonal vegetables. It’s delicious and I’m so pleased to be able to purchase it just around the corner from my home.

This broth recipe is based on a similar Scottish recipe I have created for Scotch broth using beef rib. The ingredients are slightly different but they both produce a similar delicious soup. This is a real meaty version and makes a hearty lunch or light supper.

Little Rowater Farm Shop, Cornhill, Aberdeenshire

We finally made a trip out to Little Rowater Farm shop to try some of their own high quality grass fed beef and venison. We even bought an ostrich egg, which was absolutely huge! We met the lovely ostriches and deer in the winter barn and will definitely be back to purchase more of their products for our family meal planning.

Venison Osso Buco Scottish Broth

3 large pieces of osso buco or oxtail

1 tbsp of butter

1 large carrot or 2 small

1 large onion

1 piece of turnip (equal to the carrot quantity once chopped up)

2 small handfuls of barley

vegetable or chicken stock – around 2 liters

dried herbs

Peel and chop all the carrot, onion and turnip. Add the butter to a large soup pan.

Add the chopped onions and the butter to the pan and cook for a few minutes softening the onions.

Add the venison pieces and brown on both sides for a few minutes.

Add all the other vegetables and barley to the pan and add the vegetable stock. Bring to the boil and simmer on a low heat for around 3 hrs.

Remove the meat and shred with a fork, removing the bones and any tough pieces.

Add the shredded meat back to the soup, stir through and serve with a sprinkle of dried herbs if you fancy.

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