Easy Pasta Salad

This delicious pasta salad is so easy to make and makes such a filling and healthy lunch for the family. This pasta salad can be made from leftovers in the fridge using up all sorts of foodie scraps. I have listed the basic biulding blocks for this recipe and given suggestions for items you could use to make this dish.

Its perfect for saving on food waste, using up all the leftover pieces of food in your fridge and its so easy to put together which saves on washing up. It’s such a busy time just now with the kids at home and this recipe is the perfect throw together lunch for them. Its healthy too so thats a double bonus!

The full recipe is listed below but you can also see it featured in my Lockdown Lunches Youtube video.

Easy Pasta Salad Recipe

Pasta – any shapes and sizes or a mixture if your using up little bits and bobs

Chopped salad items – tomatoes, cucumber, olives, grated carrot or perhaps some chopped peppers.

Cheese – cubes of cheese or thickly grated cheese

Protein boost – tin of plain beans, chickpeas, cold meats, falafel or chopped leftovers.

Salad dressing – fridge salad dressing, olive oil, mayo or even some leftover pasta sauce.

Other toppings – seeds, chopped spring onions or herbs.

Cook the pasta, stir in a little olive oil once drained to stop it from sticking and leave to cool a little. Add all the salad ingredients, cheese and salad dressing item and mix together. Serve with a piece of fruit for pudding.