Lovely Kefir Lemonade

I love this delicious probiotic rich lemonade made with kefir water. Its so easy to make and is packed with nutritional beneficial bacteria. My kids love to try my bubbly fermented drinks and once you know how to make kefir water you can then go on to make so many different variations using different fruits and flavours.

Once you drain the water after the initial ferment you can then leave for a further 48hrs at room temperature to create the perfect fizzy drink to serve in a nice glass with a few ice cubes. I love the fact that the kids think they are getting a fizzy drink for a treat which is packed with beneficial bacteria and there are many other health claims across the internet. Do a quick google and some research to find out more about this lovely simple healthy drink.

Lovely Kefir Lemonade Recipe

You will need:

Plastic seive

1 litre glass jar ( I like to use a kilner jar)

Bottles or ( other glass sealable storage container for storing in the fridge)

Wooden spoon

A piece of muslin

An elastic band


70g of organic cane sugar

750ml of fresh spring water

Approx 4 tbsp of water kefir grains (easily sourced online or from a friend who is brewing)

1 large medjool date, stone removed (or 2tsp of other sweet dried fruits)

1 small slice of ginger root

Juice of half a lemon & the juice of a whole lemon (for bottling after the initial ferment)


Mix the sugar and water together until dissolved.

Pour into the glass container and add the kefir grains, stir gently.

Add in the split date, ginger root and half a lemons worth of jucie and stir gently.

Cover the top of the jar with a piece of muslin and an elastic band.

Leave at room temperature for 48hrs and for a maximum of 72hrs.

Drain the liquid into a bottle. Remove the fruit and ginger and discard or eat.

Add the additional lemond juice or other fruits and flavours into the bottle.

Store at room temperature for an additional 24-48hrs for additional fizz.

After this I like to store it in the fridge either in a bottle or in a glass jar with a little tap for easy access.

Storing it in the fridge will slow the fermentation down to a minimium.

Be very careful of storing fermented drinks in glass bottles at room temperature. They have been known to explode or blow the lids as the warmth will continue the fermentation process.

Enjoy and if you have any questions drop me a line below 🙂

Love Angie x