Strawberry Fruit Leather

This recipe is part of my ‘Family Strawberry Favourites’ video and they are so delicious! You can watch the recipe in the youtube video below or the full recipe is below the video.

My kids love strawberry fruit leather and they are great for packed lunches and school snacks. They also travel really well wrapped in some beeswax wrapping or clingflim and are great for picnics. We like to make them using local seasonal strawberries and they are a great way to preserve some of your summer harvest.

They do last quite some time but we’ve never been able to keep them that long in our house as the kids love them! You can also make other delicious fruit leathers using raspberries, bananas and a whole load of other blends of fruits. Get experimenting!

I would personally recommend using a dehydrator for this purpose as it works really well and also helps to preserve the nutritional content of the berries. I personally use the excaliber dehydrator (four level) and I love it.

If you dont have a dehydrator and don’t fancy the investment then this recipe works well in an oven too on a low setting.

Strawberry Fruit Leather Recipe

These quantities make one sheet so you just need to double as nessecary.

1 punnet of strawberries (about 3 handfuls)

1 tsp of thick raw honey (or other thick honey)

Simply blend the strawberries and honey until completely smooth and pour onto a non stick sheet(placed previously on the dehydrator).

Smooth almost to the edges but not quite and spread out until even using a spatula.

Dehydrate on low until the liquid is completely dry. This will be around 6-8hrs in a dehydrator and around an 1hr in a med oven. I’ve not cooked these in the oven so please experiment with the temperatures and times.

Peel the leather off of the sheet once completely dry and roll. Slice and store in an airtight glass container. I love a good kilner jar they are my favourite.