Scottish Haggis Balls

Ok I’ve called these Haggis balls but I did squish them down in the pan to cook easier but you could keep them round and deep fry instead. I just thought they would be a little healthier cooked in the pan. They were delicious and served up with all the classis were a real Scottish treat! 🙂

I broke up one of my failed sourdough loaves and blended in the mini food prcessor to make delicious bread crumbs for this recipe. I will make a good sourdough one day lol but in the meantime we have plenty of breadcrumbs and croutons for soup which works out well.

You can also vary the size of these and could make mini balls for cocktail sticks or larger burger shaped ones. You could also use vegetarian haggis but might need a little more egg as i do find vegetarian haggis is a little drier. Theres nothing like a traditional scottish haggis just make sure you choose a good quality one.

I served them up with traditional mashed neeps (turnip), creamy tatties (potatoes) and something new we tried – some spiralised roasted beetroot! It was delicios with a little premade peppercorn sauce. A whiskey sauce would work well here too. I haven’t added quantities for the potatoes, turnip and beetroot as it really does depend on how many people you are serving. Its pretty simple to adjust accordingly.

Scottish Haggis Balls

500g (ish) of haggis

2 eggs (seperated)

Fresh breadcrumbs






Olive iol

S and P

Peel and chop up all the potatoes chunky and pop into a pan of boiling salted water. Cook for 15-20minutes or until tender.

Repeat with the turnips and cook for a little longer as they tend to need a bit more time,

Mash both seperately in thier own bowls with a tsp or two of butter, a dash of cream and salt and pepper to season. Just enough cream to make them creamy in texture.

Spiralize the beetroot or if you dont have a sprializer you could try slicing really thinly. Place on a baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil and salt and pepper. Bake at 160 for 10-15 mintues. Keep a close eye on them as they cook really quickly.

Place all of the premade haggis into the large bowl and add the two egg yolks. The mixture should be slightly sticky. If you have used more haggis then add another yolk.

Add the egg whites to a small bowl and thre bread crumbs to another. Roll the haggis into small balls or larger shapes depending on what size you ar eafter. Golf ball sized shapes work really well.

Dip the balls into egg white and then roll in the breadcrumbs. Repeat with all the haggis.

Place a small amount of butter in the cast iron frying pan or other pan and cook on a meat heat until brown and cooked through. I squished my balls down to cook a little better but you could also deep fry them. I like to store my in a very low oven to keep warm while the rest cook.

Serve the balls with the mashed potatoes, mashed neeps, beetroot and the warm sauce of choice. Sprinkle with some parsely to finish.

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