Scottish Shortbread – Pitcaithly Bannock

We love this traditional Scottish shortbread recipe for Pitcaithly Bannock. It’s so delicious and really easy to make. Pitcaithly Bannock is similiar to a plain Scottish shortbread but the difference being the Picaithly Bannock contains candied peel and ground almonds. It originates from Pitcaithly in Perthshire and is lovely served with tea or coffee.

This delicious Scottish Pitcaithly Bannock recipe is light and has a nice bite with a slight crunch to it. The golden shortbread contains candied peel, ground almonds and a little milk and is very easy to make. This Scottish shortbread is lovely as part of an afternoon tea tower and is a nice treat to serve to visiting family and friends.

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Pitcaithly Bannock Recipe Video

This delicious Pitcaithly Bannock recipe is from my lovely Scottish Tearoom Cookbook. It’s sweet and so delicious with the addition of candied peel and ground almonds. It’s a very easy recipe to make as are all the other Scottish Tearoom recipes in the Cookbook. You will find more information on the cookbook below.

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Pitcaithly Bannock Shortbread Mould
Pitcaithly Bannock

Your Going to Love this traditional Scottish Picaithly Bannock Recipe because …

This recipe is so easy to make and is very easy to whip up before visitors arrive.

It looks very impressive on the kitchen table when using the shortbread mould but equally so if just turning it out from a plate.

If you enjoy traditional Scottish shortbread your going to love this delicious shortbread variation. It includes the lovely addition of candied peel and ground almonds which add a delicious flavour and texture to the shortbread.

If you like the sound of this delicious’ Pitacithly Bannock then you’ll love some of my other traditional Scottish recipes. Try searching in my traditional Scottish Recipe Collection or try some of my favourite recipes below. I love this old recipe for an Aberdeenshire mealie bannock. It’s so easy and delicious. If you want to try a Traditional Scottish recipe why not try this delicious Scottish Haggis recipe. It’s a crofters haggis and is a simpler version of the traditional Scottish haggis with ingredients that are easy to find. I hope you enjoy it it’s delicious!

Tips for making this delicious Pitcaithly Bannock Scottish Shortbread recipe…

The shortbread mould makes this Pitcaithly Bannock look very pretty but if you don’t have a shortbread mould don’t panic. You can also make this recipe with a plate or a small tin. Just press it into your chosen object as per the video above and tap it out onto an oven proof tray. Bake it in the oven as per the instructions.

This recipe is very similiar to a traditional Scottish shortbread. If you wanted to make the plain version of shortbread you could make this recipe without the candied peel and almonds. That would also work really well.

I love this shortbread fresh out of the oven but be careful when transferring it from the oven tray to the cooling wrack it can be quite crumbly when fresh out of the oven. Make sure to cool it a little before serving.

You don’t need to knead this recipe just make sure that it holds together when squeezed in your hands.

Make sure to flour your mould carefully but tap out any extra flour and use a rolling pin to tap out your shortbread onto the baking tray.

This recipe is part of my Traditional Scottish Tearoom Collection Cookbook. You will find a selection of other delicious Scottish Tearoom recipes in the book below. Why not purcahse the book and print it out to keep the collection in your kitchen.

Scottish Baking Cookbook
Scottish Baking Cookbook

If you enjoy Scottish recipes your going to love my Scottish cookbooks available now on my website. All inspired by either the traditional dishes of Scotland, the Scottish seasons or Scottish food culture. Click the image link above or below to bring a taste of Scotland into your kitchen!

Scottish Tearoom Cookbook
Scottish Tearoom Cookbook
Pitcaithly Bannock Ingredients
Pitcaithly Bannock Ingredients List

Pitcaithly Bannock Recipe

Pitcaithly Bannock Recipe

A delicious traditional Shortbread Style Recipe with candied peel and ground almonds.


  • 1 Shortbread mould or a suitable plate or container


  • 120g Butter soft
  • 230g Plain Flour
  • 115g Caster Sugar
  • 30g Ground Almonds
  • 60g Mixed Candied Peel
  • 4tbsp Whole Milk


  • Preheat the oven to 160C (fan oven).
  • Add the butter into a large bowl and seive in the flour. Rub together to create a light bread crumb consistency.
  • Add in the caster sugar, candied peel, ground almonds and mix through well.
  • Pour in the milk a little at a time until you have a soft dough holding together in your hands.
  • Press the mixture lightly into your shortbread mould or other suitable plate or container.
  • Tap out onto a greased baking sheet and bake in the oven for 15-18minutes or until golden brown.

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