Blueberry Breakfast Loaf

This delicious blueberry breakfast loaf is so easy to make and is the perfect recipe to make ahead of time for the busy school or working week. The bluberry breakfast loaf is stuffed with a cinnamon and vanilla butter and loads of fresh blueberries. You should smell this delicious loaf when it comes out of the oven, it is heavenly!!!

You can also make this delicious breakfast loaf with other types of fruits like strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, blackcurrants or even stewed pieces of apples and pears to suit the season you are reading this recipe in. You can make this ahead of time or make the dough ahead of time and store it in the fridge to make fresh the next morning.

This is a delicious recipe to eat in the late Summer months and this blueberry breakfast loaf would also work really well in Autumn too, especially with the stewed apple or pear as an alternative filling. You can also make a smaller version by halfing the recipe if you need to.

If you like the sound of this recipe your going to love these other recipes I would like to recommend. Why not try this delicious strawberry tart recipe before the Summer ends and serve it up with some fresh custard if the weather is cooling. My Rhubarb Oat Crumble bars I made for the Portsoy Boat Festival are also really delicious and worth making when rhubarb is in season.

Tips for making this recipe:

  • If you want a smaller loaf try halfing the entire recipe. Just watch the baking time and keep a close eye on it for burning. You don’t want to dry this loaf out as its delicious when cooked well.
  • You can also bake the loaf and freeze half for another week or even make two smaller loafs out of this recipes.
  • Try swapping out the blueberries for other seasonal fruits. If your in Autumn stewed apples or pears would be delicious in this recipe or blackberries would work too. Even a combination of apple or blackberry would work well.
  • Make this recipe ahead of time for an easy breakfast by cooking up the loaf the night before and storing it for the mornings ahead or by making up the dough and storing it in an oiled bowl with a cling film cover over night to make the next morning.
  • If you are using different fruits in this recipe you may want to vary up the topping a little bit. The topping drizzle is completely optional but if your using apple or pear a caramel topping might work really well together or a drizzle of white icing would work too.
  • I have tried to describe teh folding in the recipe below but I would recommend watching the video above to understand how to do this properly.

Blueberry Breakfast Loaf


Loaf Ingredients

  • 320 ml Whole Milk
  • 150 g Unsalted Butter
  • 15 g Dried Yeast
  • 1 Egg Medium
  • 125 g Caster Sugar
  • 1 tsp Sea Salt
  • 400 g Strong White Flour
  • 320 g Wholewheat Flour
  • 1 tsp Vanilla
  • 2 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1 Egg Whisked & mixed with 1tsp of milk

Loaf Topping

  • 3-4 tbsp Honey
  • 3 tbsp Cacao powder or cocoa powder

Loaf Filling

  • 4 tbsp Butter
  • 4 tbsp Brown Sugar
  • 1 tbsp Vanilla
  • 1 tbsp Cinnamon
  • 150 g Fresh Blueberries or other fruit


  • Melt the butter into the milk in a small saucepan on a low heat and add in the cinnamon. Remove from the heat and leave to cool.
  • Pour all of the milk and butter mixture into a large mixing bowl. I like to use my kitchen aid with dough hook but you can make this by hand.
  • Add in all of the remaining ingredients mixing in between each and start the kneading to combine everything together.
  • Knead the dough in the mixer or by hand until the dough is smooth and manageable. My dough didn't stick to the sides of the bowl and was very easy to hold in my hands. If it is too sticky add in a tiny bit more flour. The kneading took me 5-10minutes in my kitchen aid. It may take slightly longer by hand.
  • While the dough is rising mix together all of the loaf filling mixture in a small bowl and set aside.
  • Remove the dough from the bowl and form into a ball and place in an oiled bowl. Cover with a clean cloth and leave to rise for an hour or until almost doubled in size.
  • Remove the risen dough from the bowl after an hour and punch all the air out gently as in my video. Roll the dough out on a floured surface into a large rectangular shape.
  • Spread the butter up the middle of the rolled out dough and slightly out to the edges as per the video.
  • Cut diagonal strips up each side of the dough (leaving the center area intact) and repeat on the other side. Leave a couple of cm at each end before you start cutting. (you really need to watch the video for these instructions to make sense) :-).
  • Spread a little of egg and milk mixture over the cut strips and end of the dough.
  • Fold in each end of the loaf and fold in the strips left all the way down until the loaf is sealed. (see video above for full instructions).
  • Shape the sides together to form a large rectangular loaf shape and place carefully on the baking tray.
  • Leave to rise for 45minutes.
  • Brush the dough with the egg and milk mixture and bake in the oven at 170oc (fan) for 20minutes and turn the tray round and cook for another 15minutes at 160oc.
  • If your adding a drizzle topping then leave to cool slightly for 15-20minutes and make the topping.
  • Mix together the cacao or cocoa and honey together until smooth and drizzle over the loaf.
  • Serve immediately or cover to store until the next day.
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